Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Gottman couples workshop

Saturday, June 3, 2023 – in-person in Edmonton, Alberta

The Seven Principles is a relationship workshop based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times bestselling book—The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  This international workshop has strengthened the relationships of tens of thousands of couples.  It’s specifically designed to help partners improve their friendship and learn meaningful communication and conflict management skills.

The workshop includes lectures, demonstrations, videos and private couples exercises. Couples will not have to share in group.  The activities are fun, insightful and informative.

Krista Yaskiw facilitating The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work couple workshop

“Extremely enjoyable workshop. Truly felt like we, as a couple, were able to work through some real issues, as well as build tools for future growth and cohesion. Was definitely an extended date with depth and value. Thank-you for creating a safe space.” – D & C

“This workshop was an excellent resource for gaining applicable & research-based skills and tools to apply to our relationship and gain a deeper understanding of each other. Very helpful for couples who have been together a long time like us, or those just starting their journey together!” – T & M

What Will You Learn?

  • Develop skills in managing conflict constructively
  • Learn tools to work through perpetual and solvable problems
  • Improve friendship, fondness and admiration
  • Enhance romance and intimacy
  • Create a couples sense of shared meaning
  • Maintain gains throughout lifetime
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work certified leader

Who is this workshop for?

Couples who would benefit from this workshop:

  • Dating or pre-engaged
  • Engaged
  • Common-law or married couples
  • Every phase of relationship from newlyweds to senior couples
  • Those who wish to enhance an already “good” relationship

Couples who this workshop is not suited for:

  • Those with severe relationship distress
  • Those with significant emotional or physical abuse
  • Those with addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Those with serious mental health problems

“This class was amazing! Definitely going to use the tools we learned. Well use of a weekend with my husband.” – A & S

Krista Yaskiw facilitating The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work couple workshop

“This course was really helpful for myself & my partner. We feel much more connected leaving the weekend, despite having some challenging conversations.” – K & G

Event Info

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work box set including 2 copies of the Couples Guide, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book, and the Love Maps and Open Ended Question card decks

“This workshop helped my partner and I to refocus on our relationship while giving us valuable tools to help us along the way.” – M & T

  • Saturday, June 3, 2023
  • 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Holiday Inn Conference Centre Edmonton South
  • $300 per couple
  • Participants will receive:
    • 2 copies of the 7 Principles Couples Guide
    • 1 copy of the internationally acclaimed The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book
    • Love Maps AND Open Ended Questions card decks
    • Me as your experienced & trusted guide