Couples Coaching

Krista Yaskiw in a virtual couples coaching session

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I feel like we keep having the same fight over and over again without making progress
  • I wish we could communicate better
  • I long for more connection and intimacy
  • I’ve been betrayed and am struggling to trust my partner again
  • When did we stop having fun in our relationship? I wish we could get back to what if felt like in the beginning.
  • My partner has struggled with addiction and we are having a hard time recovering from this as a couple
  • We’re exhausted parents and feel like we’ve lost “us”
  • We are getting married and want to ensure we are starting out on the right foot
  • Our kids have left the nest and we’re getting ready to retire. Its strange to adjust to being left with just us.

If you’re struggling with these or other relationship issues, first of all, you’re not alone! But you don’t have to continue to suffer, because I can HELP get you UNSTUCK!

My Approach to Couples Coaching

Many coaches will try to sell you on their “One-size Fits all 10 step Guaranteed to Get Results” program. I call BS! People (and couples) are all unique, so I don’t believe in a standardized approach to working with you. I want to get to know YOU, your specific relationship roadblocks, and how you define a healthy partnership.

When you sign up for coaching with me, you will get access to a ton of evidence-based interventions, tools, and strategies from the best in the biz. I use the Gottman Method and draw 10 years of experience and various counselling modalities to help you revive your relationship. With me as your coach you can expect vulnerability, having fun, and sharing laughs (because relationships are messy!) However, I will also challenge you and hold you accountable to ensure you see results.

Krista Yaskiw, couples coach and counsellor

What to Expect From Couples Coaching:

  • Learn well research communication strategies
  • Utilize practical tools that you can begin using on your own immediately
  • Learn proven methods to end grid-lock issues and arguments
  • Learn strategies to help reach compromise and solve your “solvable” issues
  • Deepen appreciation and connection with your partner
  • Revive intimacy
  • Understand where unhelpful relationship patterns came from and how to change them
  • Explore your unique relationship issues with a skilled mediator
  • Create a vision for your relationship that excites you
  • Have the accountability and support of ME along the way!

I have designed 3 tiers of couples coaching packages to fit your goals, comfort level, and budget. If you are unsure what package is right for you, book a FREE, no obligation Discovery Call with me so we can explore our options.

  • Maybe you’re new to this coaching thing and want to try it out. Or maybe you just need a little relationship tune-up. Using the Gottman Method, you will learn common patterns of relationship breakdown and how to avoid them. You will walk away with simple communication tools that you can start integrating on your own right away from home. In as little as 3 sessions you will have a renewed sense of commitment to your relationship and learn my daily strategy for increasing connection.
  • Three 75 minute coaching sessions
  • $450 (paid in full or 3 payments of $150)
  • Are you looking for more personal support for your unique relationship challenges? Six sessions will give us time to explore your own issues and learn strategies to get you unstuck. You will be armed with research-based communication tools from the Gottman’s that you can keep using on your own. Expect to increase connection, friendship, intimacy, and fun, all while having an experienced coach to support you along the way.
  • Six 75 minute coaching sessions
  • $750 (paid in full or 3 payments of $250)
  • Lasting change takes investment and time! It is my experience that 12 sessions seems to be the magic number for couples to make major shifts and maintain them. This gives us time to really learn and integrate new skills with practice and real time feedback from me. We will dig into your unique issues, untangle your unhelpful relationship patterns, and put an end to your recurring issues and leave you feeling reconnected. If you’re looking for true transformation, this is the package for you.
  • Twelve 75 minute coaching sessions
  • $1200 (paid in full or 3 payments of $400)

Let’s chat!  Not sure where to start? Book a FREE, no obligation Discovery Call where we can get to know each other a bit, review some of your relationship roadblocks, ask questions, and explore if we’re a good fit to work together.