What is coaching?  Coaching is a solution-based, results-oriented approach that aims to help people achieve their highest potential.  The coach facilitates skill development while challenging with the understanding that the client is functional and able. In other words, coaches are professional problem solvers who are there to hold your hand as we work towards solutions!

How can a couples coach help?  A relationship coach can help you define your goals,  improve your communication skills, unravel unhealthy patterns, and support you through gridlock issues.  You can expect to build trust, connection, and improve intimacy.  It’s hard to do all this alone, so a coach can help hold you accountable to maximize your growth.

How long should I work with a relationship coach for?  It is my experience that about 10 sessions is ideal to give  you time to learn, integrate, and create long-lasting changes.  However, I understand that people have different goals, comfort levels, and budgets, and that’s why I’ve created 3 tiers of packages (1, 5 & 10 sessions).  Check out my different Couples Coaching Packages to see which one would be right for you.  Still not sure? Book a free, no obligations Discovery Call where we can explore this further.

Will there be homework?  YES!  What you do in between sessions is so important.  I will provide you with simple, practical, and fun exercises and tools to help you expedite your relationship transformation and practice at home.

How do I schedule an appointment? If you’re a new client click here to see a menu my of services.  From there you can select a service and choose appointment dates/times to book.  If you’re an existing client click here to log in.  There is also a Client Login button on the top right of the menu bar.

How is payment handled? Payment is collected at the time of booking.  With my Couples Coaching Packages you will have the option to pay in full or in instalments.

What is your cancellation policy?  Full fee will be charged for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  I know life happens, so if you are unable to come, please be considerate and reschedule ahead of time.

How will we meet for Couples Coaching?  Sessions will be conducted over Zoom.

I want to learn more.  Let’s book a FREE, no obligations Discovery Call to chat!  During the call we will get to know each other a bit, review some of your relationship roadblocks, ask questions, and explore if we’re a good fit to work together.

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