The Daily Check-in

The Daily Check-in journal cover

Available on Amazon. Order 2 copies – one for you and one for your partner!

Relationships take a lot of work – but not as much as you may think. Working as a couples counsellor for years has led me to develop a tool that can help revive your relationships in minutes a day. My clients have told me this strategy has made the biggest difference in their relationships and I want to share it with you. It’s called The Daily Check-in and its a journal that consists of a few simple prompts that create big results. It will help strengthen connection by building a routine around communicating about the things that matter the most. The relationship you desire is just around the corner and it all starts with a little check-in!

In this journal expect to learn about the science and magic behind The Daily Check-in to inspire you. You will find a daily template of 4 powerful prompts to fill-out and review with your partner. With repetition and routine this tool will help you will unleash a new depth of communication and connection in your relationship. Are you ready to take the 90-DAY CHECK-IN CHALLENGE?

With The Daily Check-in you can expect to:

  • Build a solid routine of checking-in with your partner about the things that matter
  • Cultivate a state of gratitude
  • Increase positivity
  • Develop a platform to share the important things weighing on your mind
  • Gain insight into your partner’s inner thoughts
  • Feel comfortable expressing needs
  • Appreciate the person you have in front of you